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Art People at the Sandy Carson / Denver Art Students League Gallery on Santa Fe, March 1, 2013

I bet you’re saying to yourself, it’s about time Denver Art Matters posted something. Has Jan turned into a slacker?

If you’re asking that, I know you’re not a Facebook fan and you’re not following my Denver Art Matters Facebook page. If that’s you, let me explain.  I find it informative to follow FB pages from museums, art districts, artists, galleries, and momentous blogs. The ones that I follow highlight interesting art stories that include links on extraordinary art journeys from the world of art.  If you are following us on Facebook you know I’ve posted a lot of information on the Month of Photography in Denver. If you were interested in visiting the galleries featuring photographers, it was posted on the Denver Art Matters Facebook page.

Here’s the hoedown. Facebook like it or not, is the social media / networking portal sharing information on every subject under the sun. It’s no wonder newspapers and magazines are suffering.  Posts from Facebook, Google +, tumblr, wordpress, blogspot, etc., travel effortlessly to your screen with timely information from Denver to Denmark. I follow many blogs that interest me because as a self appointed Denver art blabber it’s my job to bring my readers the most important art stories in Denver; Colorado, and the world. If you are reading this and you’re not on Facebook, it’s difficult to explain how it works. Let me try. For instance, I follow the Museum of Contemporary Art Facebook page. When they post a new exhibit or lecture on their page, it automatically shows up on my personal Facebook feed. When I see it, if I like it and want to share it with my readers, I click ‘share’ to my Denver Art Matters page. DAM followers see it immediately. Unfortunately, I may not recreate their post on my blog www.denverartmatters.wordpress.com. If you follow my DAM wordpress (thank you for that) and not the Facebook page, you would not see the post about the upcoming MoCA event on my wordpress Denver Art Matters blog. Is this complicated?  Here’s another example,  I saw the MoMA post about Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg the day before I posted it to my DAM Facebook page.  I never recreated it for my blog. Reason being, by the end of the day, it was too late because the cyber world had already heard the question about putting the two artists back in the closet. It may appear unfair that someone creates a meaningful, newsworthy, important post and then I repost it to my readers.  However, the rules are different in social media.  Sharing is encouraged, that’s where the word exponential comes in – rapid travel.  If a news item is posted on Facebook, the post originator hopes many people, like me, share it with you. When a news item is synced the post will go back at some point to the original author, therefore going viral or – spreading exponentially.

Whew. I’m trying to explain this in layman terms. If you’re not following Denver Art Matters Facebook page I wish you would. My intent with this post is to explain why my blog sometimes seems inactive, yet my Facebook page is constantly updated. I want you to see the latest Denver Art babble and I’m working to present that to you. If you’re not a fan of the Denver Art Matters FB page – please go there and click LIKE. That will send you all the news I post immediately.


Walker Fine Art, Denver, March 1, 2013.

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