Paul Klein visited Art Basel Miami last week

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Lucky for me I know Denver‘s Jerry De La Cruz (see Denver Art Matters Facebook page) and Chicago’s Paul Klein because from the looks of things, I missed the art event of 2012. Fortunately for you and me, they sent DAM some fabulous shots of what they saw.

While I was 2,000 miles away in cool Colorado, posts from my friends enjoying the enormous art gathering tugged at my heart. Alas, I had to be content with hard cold facts. I wasn’t there last week to partake in Art Basel nor South Beach’s eclectic night life, no Cubano sandwiches, no sunny beaches or long balmy nights consuming plates of tapas and glasses of sangria on an outdoor patio. But daily, thank you my friends, I was able to see what I missed room after room of prodigious art, art, art. Thanks to Paul Klein for sending so many photos and graciously allowing me to post on DAM. I have been following his blog since 2004. I recommend you check out his courses and ArtLetter:

From Paul Klein:


I went to Art Basel Miami Beach, the granddaddy of American art fairs to connect with experts who’ll be participating in future Klein Artist Works courses.  And I also went to Art Miami, Context, Miami Project, Pulse, Scope, NADA, Untitled, Aqua and others.

Art Basel, Miami was magnificent; substantive, somber, less hyperbolic and filled with solid and expensive art.

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Picture Perfect in Miami

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